EC Youth; Sevastyanov eliminated Jastrzab from the 9-ball individuals

Left to right: Nina Torvund, Arseni Sevastyanov, and Christoffer Lentz

One of today’s most exciting matches of the Dynamic Billard European Youth Championships 2019 in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, was the match between Dominik Jastrzab (POL) and Arseni Sevastyanov (FIN) in the U17 division where the Finish remained victorious with 7:4 in the end.

The match went along quite smooth with both players using their chances. After 8 racks, the score was 4:4 and Jastrzab took his timeout. When he came back, the worst scenario possible unfolded for him in the match. he broke rack 9, no balls in and an open table for Sevastyanov. The Finish ran out and broke and ran his next rack to get on the hill with 6:4. And in rack 11 one more time, Jastrzab broke dry and left an open table for Sevastyanov. The Russian punished him hard for this and ran the table, winning the match with 7:4 over a devastated Jastrzab.

Earlier today, several matches in the 9-ball individuals were played. In the U19, defending Champion Sanjin Pehlivanovic (BIH) met Christoffer Lentz (DEN) in the winner’s qualification round. The match was a close affair until a score of 4:4. Then, Pehlivanovic missed a makable 3-ball in the next back and allowed Lentz to take that rack from him. Rack 10 never saw Pehlivanovic at the table. Lentz broke and ran the table to gain a 6:4 advantage over Pehlivanovic. Rack 11 was opened by Pehlivanovic but there was no ball down for the Bosnian. He left an open table for Lentz who cleared until he scratched on the 8-ball. Pehlivanovic accepted the gift and made the score 5:6 from his perspective. Lentz broke the balls in rack 12 and the 9-ball was kicked into the side pocket with a legal break shot. Nice way to get on the hillĀ for Lentz, leading now 7:5. In the 13th and final rack of the match, Lentz won a safety battle exchange by forcing Pehlivanovic to commit a foul. he took the cue ball in his and cleared the table to advance to the round of the last 16 players single elimination where he played Jonas Souto (ESP). Pehlivanovic won another match on the loser’s side against Mehmet Ozbay (TNC) 8:2 and was drawn against Ivan Galic (CRO) in the single-elimination round. If Lentz and Pehlivanovic would both win, they will meet each other again in the round of the final 8 players. They played that match later tonight and while Lentz took down Jonas Souto (ESP) 8:4, Pehlivanovic fell to the sharp blade of Ivan Galic (CRO) with 4:8. So Lentz will have to deal with Galic tomorrow.

In the girls division, defending Champion My Nguyen (SWE) had to deal with Nina Torvund (NOR) in the winner’s qualification round. The match was determined by easy mistakes by both players whereas Torvund eventually found her rhythm towards the end of the match. Nguyen simply had a bad break shot and played poor safeties throughout the match and deservedly lost 3:6 to Torvund. While the Norwegian went through to the quarter-finals, Nguyen needs another victory to join Torvund there.

In the U17, defending Champion Dennis Laszkowski (GER) stood tall. He won his opening match over Jonas-Kvalsund Hansen (NOR) without any problems with 7:0. Since he had a walk-over in his first-round being the #1 seeded player in 9-ball, that victory automatically booked him a seat in the single-elimination round of the final 32 players single elimination. There, Laszkowski went up against Luca Montanari (ITA). He defeated him 7:3 to get up against Dmytro Skorokhodov (UKR) in the next round. He took down the Ukrainian with 7:4 and proceeded to the quarter-final matches where he will face Mikita Paluyan (BLR).

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The final day of the Dynamic Billard European Youth Championships 2019 will commence tomorrow morning at 09:00 CET with the quarterfinal matches in the 9-ball individuals competition.

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