Buying Billiard Tables

When you decide to buy billiards, you have to consider many aspects to determine the choice of billiards. In addition to the budget that you want to spend on this purchasing pleasure, whether you are an expert, an experienced player, or a beginner, there are some basic aspects to respect to making the best billiard choice. The first criterion to consider when choosing your billiards is to determine what kind of billiards game you want to play. Would you rather be a fan of Bumper billiards, carom, or 3 Cushions? Or American pool, English pool, or rather Snooker? Depending on your preference, you can direct your choice to a billiard table designed specifically for a particular type of game. This guarantees you a quality of play adapted to your favorite type of game. This is a significant advantage if you are sure that you are only playing one type of game on your billiards.

The purchase of billiards is primarily a pleasure purchase, the primary purpose of which is to play billiards in free time. However, your billiards can have a much more useful function. This is the case of a convertible billiard table that will become an integral part of your furniture by turning it into a dining table. Thanks to the purchase of a billiard table with a cover plate, your leisure object becomes a dining table and thus a useful piece of furniture. The advantage of converting a billiard table into a dining table is space-saving. If the space in which you plan to install your billiards is not a dedicated playroom, but your living room and its size are limited, pair the useful with the pleasant by buying a pool table. Its use will be double and easy thanks to sturdy cover plates that can be quickly placed and removed. When choosing your billiard table, both disciplines and the dining table function must be taken into account.

If you purchase on the basis of practicing for your sport, always choose quality and not based on user-friendliness.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to have a huge space to install billiards at home. There is no fixed size for a billiard table, it is the proportions that must be taken into account. For example, a standard billiard size is considered 1: 2, the length is equal to twice the width. To choose the size of the billiards, first, consider the available space in the room in which you want your billiards installed. Today, the production process makes to make a billiard table, eg. the slate in several parts, it is possible to offer billiards in all sizes. You should, therefore, take an accurate measurement of the room in which the billiard is placed and provide a distance between the billiard and furniture and the surrounding walls of at least one meter. This distance provides more playing comfort. Space determines the dimensions of the billiards to be able to install at home. Below I will give you an overview; The dimensions of the table are only approximate because every design is different;

7 ft.: Required space for perfect play; 490×395 cm. Playfield: 200×100 cm. Table size; 234x135x83 cm

8 ft.: Required space for perfect play; 536x423cm. Playfield 226x113cm. Table size 254x142cm

9 ft.: Required space for perfect play: 564×437 cm, Playfield: 264×132 cm Table size: 292x158x80 cm

10 ft.: Required space for perfect play: 604×457 cm, Playfield: 294×147 cm, Table size: 323x175x80 cm

12 ft.: Required space for perfect play: 666×488 cm. Playfield: 356×178 cm. Table size: 384×205 cm

Finally, besides the practical aspects of the type of game, the available space, and the multifunctionality, another criterion when buying a billiard table is, of course, the design. Whether it is only intended to play in a separate room, or if it is an integral part of your living room as a piece of furniture, it must match your wishes and your interior. There are many styles of billiards today: such as the most classic wood with moldings with natural wood colors such as oak, cherry, varnish, or rough, with a very refined chassis in metal or painted in more vibrant colors, or even unique and surprising designs. Our different billiard collections offer you billiards in a Luxury style with chic shapes, Intemporel billiards with timeless clean lines, Héritage with classic billiards, and Créateur with design billiards. Do not hesitate to contact us and call on the expertise/experience of Sonny´s Billiard Supplies to advise you in your choice of billiards. Our experience will help you to recommend a billiard table adapted to your wishes and capabilities. In addition, take into account our tips for the maintenance of a billiard table so that it lasts a lifetime!

We wish you a lot of wisdom when buying a billiard table