Cuetec cues are a popular choice

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Popular among billiard players due to their innovative technology and quality construction. These cues combine advanced materials with craftsmanship to provide a superior playing experience. Next to cues they have beautiful small accessories and perfect styled Cue Bags. Here is a product description of Cuetec cues:

The cues are made with a special core of solid wood, which ensures optimum stability and rigidity. This core is encased in an ultra-thin layer of fiberglass to give the cue extra strength and durability. Because the combination of wood and fiberglass provides excellent punching power and minimizes the chance of warping or deforming the cue.

What really sets Cuetec apart is the use of a unique, patented S.S.T. (Super Slim Taper) technology. Especially this technology provides a smooth transition of the thickness of the cue, allowing players to make a consistent and smooth shot. The result is better control over the cue and more accurate shots.


Cuetec cues are also equipped with high-quality glue tips that provide an excellent grip on the billiard ball. These tips are specially designed to last and provide consistent impact, resulting in accurate punches and improved playing performance. Normally they use Tiger Sniper tips.


Today, Cuetec cues are especially popular with Carbon Fiber shafts, which are among the best in the world, they are characterized by their low-deflection shafts that allow professional players such as Shane van Boening and Fedor Gorst to achieve top performances.

Beyond the technical aspects, Cuetec offers a wide variety of designs and styles to suit different players’ preferences. Whether you are looking for a classic cue with a simple design or a striking cue with modern details, the company has options for every taste.

In short, Cuetec cues are high-quality billiard cues that combine craftsmanship, advanced technology and durable materials. With their stability, control and durability, Cuetec cues provide players with the tools they need to take their billiards skills to the next level.

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