Brand Raymond Ceulemans®

Raymond, Knight Ceulemans (born 12 July 1937) is a Belgian Billiard player, having won 35 World Championship titles (23 in three-cushion + 12 in other carom disciplines), 48 European titles (23 in three-cushion) and 61 national titles. His nickname is “Mr 100”. He was inducted into the Billiards Congress of America’s Hall of Fame in 2001, one of the very few non-Americans to receive the honor. In October 2003 King Albert II of Belgium honored Raymond Ceulemans by awarding him a knighthood in recognition of his lifetime achievements.

Meeting Mr. 100 is really quite nice because Raymond is a very open man and very sympathetic. Always good to approach and in for a chat. His knowledge of billiard sports is immense. But in addition to his profession, he has always played it with great pleasure and he still shows it today.

What a lot of people don’t know is that there is also a cue brand called Raymond Ceulemans®. This brand is of course ideal for the game types Libre / Carom, Golf billiards, and 3-Bands. In addition, the cues are also offered in a good price-quality ratio. The master keeps his good name and fame high because the cue is well balanced. To introduce you to the brand, we have reduced the price of various cues on our webshop. So now extra worth checking it out on

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