BEAR unestimated Pool Cue

The Brand BEAR is almost 30 years old and the company had its ups and downs. In the beginning, the brand was for high-end cues and from a super quality with beautiful inlays. After a decade or so the brand got more competition from other upcoming brands. Therefore the owners thought it would be good to better to have a range of cues in a different category and made the cues less expensive with less quality. The line up started with the 25 anniversary. The series cues of the 25 anniversary went up in quality and now with the 2019 series, the line up is continued. I am very happy with this decision and therefore still happy to represent this beautiful brand. BEAR will be enjoying also new players to our beloved sport of Pool.

After more than two years of intensive research & development, we are proud to release our brand new Bear cue series 2019. For that, we have optimized the complete manufacturing process as well as the choice of materials. The result is the best Bear shaft ever – the Bear „Hybrid Attack“ shaft.

Two of the best engineering level carbon fiber tubes, coated by carefully selected maple in connection with the new Hybrid Taper provide unprecedented shot stability and accuracy! A super light insert below the 12,5mm ferrule decreases the deflection to a minimum.

High-Performance Pool Billiard Cues

with the best quality inlays and playabilities.

Endorsed by World Champions Oliver Ortmann and Francisco Bustamante.

The new Bear 2019 series are one of our most popular cues. Together with our Bear ambassadors, we´ve developed the Hybrid-Attack shaft – the best Bear shaft of all time! Two of the best engineering level carbon fiber tubes in connection with the Hybrid Taper and a low deflection Insert under the XTC ferrule (12,5mm) ensure perfect energy transfer and consistent performance.

Look forward to many new, perfectly processed designs, available via our webshop